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  • demolition contractors

    What is Site Clearance? Everything You Need to Know

      Site clearance is an important part of both construction and demolition service that takes place to remove accumulated waste from an area so that it’s free of hazardous materials. Site clearance involves many processes to make it effective and safe and this blog will explore what the processes are, and respond to issues such …

  • Demolition contractor drills wall

    What is a Demolition Contractor?

    A demolition contractor is a professional who specialises in the safe and efficient dismantling, destruction or removal of buildings, structures or other man-made objects. They are hired to undertake projects that require either complete or partial removal of existing structures whether they be commercial, industrial, residential or even public properties. There are many processes involved …

  • waste management

    How do Demolition Contractors Manage Waste?

    Demolition contractors have to handle a vast arrary of waste materials during a demolition procedure. Learn here how they manage this waste during clearance

  • Site Clearance demolition services

    What’s the Difference Between Soft Strip and General Demolition?

      Our team at DES focus on the best service available for all your demolition needs. We have over 30 years of professional experience in all areas of demolition and removal services from general demolition, soft-strip demolition, asbestos removal, and development, providing clients with turnkey service every single time. It may seem confusing as to …

  • asbestos in commercial building

    Does Artex Contain Asbestos?

      Before the UK banned asbestos in homes and businesses in 1999, it was a commonly used material in the construction and automotive industries and used for insulating homes across the UK. Older homes will also commonly use Artex surfacing on ceilings. But does Artex contain asbestos? And if so, how do you eliminate the …

  • Dilapidation

    What Is a Dilapidation Survey and Why Do I Need One?

      A dilapidation survey is an extremely thorough survey that examines a building’s current state, documenting in detail everything from its physical structure, components and systems to issues involving furnishings, all the way through to general wear and tear. This type of survey is typically undertaken near the end of a tenancy or during a …

  • land remediation on site services

    Why is Land Remediation so Important?

    Land remediation restores areas to a usable state to allow it to have new purposes. These can be to build homes or remove contaminants from the environment.

  • DES Demolition Site Clearance 3

    Can I Begin Site Clearance Before Construction Starts?

    Site preparation, including site clearance, lays the groundwork for both safe and successful construction. Failure to do so can lead to serious delays.

  • Asbestos artex ceiling removal

    Asbestos and Commercial Premises: What You Should Know

    Whether your building is for commercial offices, a factory, retail unit, industrial unit or even a school, it may well contain asbestos.

  • Professional Asbestos Removal. Men In Protective Suits Are Removing Asbestos

    How Do I Know if I’ve Disturbed Asbestos?

    If you think you may have disturbed asbestos, there are some tell-tale signs that can give away its presence.