Asbestos Encapsulation & Decontamination

Asbestos encapsulation & decontamination is a method of managing asbestos. A protective layer is applied onto the ACM. The materials used can be a board or sheet covering the asbestos containing material.

Asbestos encapsulation will safely deal with asbestos without it having to be completely removed from the property. If asbestos is too dangerous to be moved encapsulation is an alternative that is beneficial.

How does asbestos encapsulation work?


A seamless protective coating will cover the asbestos materials and will not disturb it, allowing the asbestos containing materials to stay where they are, but as they are now covered in the protective coating it will not cause any further issues, it is now safe for the people and the property.

By using the encapsulation process rather than removal it can eradicate the need to dispose of materials which can be hazardous and costly. It can be carried out quickly and efficiently reducing overall disruption and costs.


Asbestos artex removal

Why choose asbestos encapsulation & decontamination?

As we mentioned before asbestos encapsulation & decontamination can be a cheaper option compared to asbestos removal. Asbestos removal is incredibly effective but can take a considerable amount of downtime and it will cost more. If you are encapsulating the asbestos, you will not have to safely dispose of it which can also add to the costs.

The benefits of asbestos encapsulation?


  • A quicker process and cost effective

The encapsulation process does not disturb the asbestos, so the process is less invasive and is generally much shorter and cheaper than having to completely remove the asbestos.

  • Minimal Risk

The risk of the microscopic fibres becoming airborne is minimised as the asbestos is not being disturbed. When the fibres become airborne that is when they become a risk to health, if they are inhaled through the nose and mouth, over time it can cause heath issues.

  • Less renovation work

When removing asbestos sometimes renovation work can be required, asbestos encapsulation & decontamination can deliver a safe environment without causing any structural change or possible damage, this all adds to keeping the costs down.

Asbestos encapsulation and decontamination are able to be completed more efficiently and so reduces overall disruption and costs, there are also other benefits including:

  • Repairs and protects any damaged asbestos
  • Seals in any raw asbestos edges that may become exposed
  • Increases the useful life of the material
  • General degradation reduces any fibre release
  • Will protect against any potential knocks or bumps that could otherwise be hazardous.
  • Improves the appearance of the material
Professional Asbestos Removal. Men In Protective Suits Are Removing Asbestos

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