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Licensed and Accredited Asbestos Removal Services

DES Holdings is a professional and highly accredited contractor in the asbestos removal sector with over 30 years of experience.

With licences and accreditations from CHAS, SMAS Worksafe, ISO 9001, NDTG and more, you can trust that you’re working with the most experienced asbestos removal company in the country. Asbestos surveying and removal is an integral and essential part of any demolition, construction or renovation project as the substance was so widely used in the construction industry for so many years.

Any building constructed prior to 1999 when it became a banned substance is highly likely to contain asbestos, and this dangerous material needs to be removed and disposed of correctly to avoid any threat to human health and the environment.

You can trust the professionals at DES Holdings to take care of your asbestos removal requirements safely and legally, and the top choice for asbestos removal services throughout the UK. 

Our asbestos removal services across the UK

Asbestos surveys 


An asbestos survey is needed when refurbishments or demolition of a building is planned. A survey is vital to identify if any asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) are present to be sure that they are either removed or encapsulated safely. A management or demolition survey will determine whether asbestos removal is required and what other asbestos removal services are needed.  

Asbestos encapsulation 


Asbestos encapsulation is one of the methods of handling ACMs that are not an imminent threat to health as they are undisturbed and, if contained, will remain safe. If there isn’t any need for imminent asbestos removal and it won’t be knocked or damaged, causing fibres to be released, then encapsulation is safe, efficient and cost-effective. 

Commercial asbestos removal


Commercial properties legally must carry out a survey and then have any asbestos removed and disposed of if it can’t be safely encapsulated as they have an even higher level of responsibility to those using the building than a domestic property owner. If this isn’t adhered to then there are vast fines or even potential imprisonment at stake. 

Domestic asbestos removal


Domestic properties are just as likely to contain ACMs, especially if constructed prior to 1999. A common place to find ACM in a domestic property is in artex ceiling materials as well as many other, potentially unsuspected places. DES Holdings can identify and advise on the safe removal of asbestos in artex, tiling, insulation, roofing sheets and more and they will also dispose of it legally. 

What types of asbestos can we remove?

There are a variety of asbestos types that have been used widely in the past: 

  • Chrysolite 
  • Amosite 
  • Anthophyllite 
  • Plus many more…


DES Holdings is an experienced asbestos removal contractor and is fully licenced for all types of asbestos removal and disposal regardless of where they might be found. We will remove and dispose of asbestos legally and safely from commercial, industrial and domestic properties, whether the ACM is found in roofing or floor tiles, pipe and heating insulation, artex ceilings or any other form of asbestos.

We ensure that all asbestos is disposed of correctly whilst meeting all HSE regulations.  

asbestos in commercial building

What to do if you find asbestos in your property

There are ways to check whether asbestos is present in your property and what it looks like, but if you have any suspicion of any ACMs within your property then you need to contact a professional asbestos removal company, such as DES Holdings, for a survey and ultimately removal of the asbestos.

DES Holdings are happy to visit your property and conduct an asbestos survey in order to inform you of the facts and risks of any ACM. We will be able to explain how our asbestos removal and disposal services work, or whether encapsulation and management is an option for your situation.  

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How is asbestos removed from properties?

It depends on the size and quantity of ACMs on a property as smaller items or quantities can be wrapped or double-bagged and removed in the secure lockers which our team carry on their vans, but larger and greater quantities of asbestos will need to be removed and disposed of in special enclosed asbestos skips and then taken to a permitted landfill for legal disposal.  

How much does it cost to remove asbestos?

The cost of asbestos removal will depend on the amount and scope of the ACM and the project being undertaken. If encapsulation and management are an option, this can be a more cost-effective solution. However, if a demolition project is going ahead and a large quantity of ACMs need removal and disposal from an entire building, this could be a much greater undertaking. Contact a friendly and expert member of our asbestos removal company for a no-obligation quotation for your unique situation.  

Are your asbestos removal services offered nationwide?

DES Holdings are proud to offer asbestos removal services across the entire country, from Newcastle to Bristol and London to Leeds. No site is too far or out of scope for our asbestos removal company to support your asbestos removal and disposal needs.  

Can DES Holdings remove asbestos found in artex ceilings?

Yes, DES Holdings are specialists at removing asbestos in Artex ceilings and every form of ACM in domestic properties as well as any other type of property – from industrial to commercial.  

Is it recommended to remove asbestos yourself?

No, it is not recommended that you should try and remove asbestos or ACMs yourself. Asbestos is an extremely volatile material and if the fibrous elements of asbestos are disturbed and become airborne, they can create life-threatening issues such as lung cancer, asbestosis, mesothelioma and other forms of cancer.

These fibres are invisible to the naked eye and so it is easy to be unaware of the threat of inhalation. A professional asbestos removal company are aware of the risks and will take all the relevant precautions to remove the asbestos and then dispose of it in a way that protects all occupants and users of the property. If you suspect that any ACMs are present at the property, then contact a professional removal company such as DES Holdings immediately and allow them to survey, remove and dispose of the asbestos for you.

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Do DES Holdings safely dispose of asbestos-containing materials?

Disposal of asbestos is something that should be left to a professional asbestos removal company as there are legal issues attached to this life-threatening material. If asbestos is not disposed of legally then there are huge fines and potential imprisonment sentences at risk as well as any potential health risks caused. DES Holdings will take care of all safe disposal of any ACM at your property legally and safely – protecting you, your property and all other occupants of the building.  

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