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We remove and dispose of all accumulated waste

Site clearance is the process of removing accumulated waste from an area to ensure that it’s free of any hazardous materials, existing structures, vegetation, debris and any other obstacles to prepare the site for construction.

DES Holdings is pleased to offer site clearance services nationwide and we’re happy to manage the entire process from the initial site survey to the removal of all waste and debris. Our site clearance services are managed by our professional team who ensure that waste is removed from the site safely and disposed of correctly.

They also reduce our environmental impact by separating materials that can be reused or recycled to ensure that as little material as possible ends up in landfill.

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What is site clearance?

Site clearance is the process of removing all waste and building materials from a site following or during demolition procedures in order to prepare a site for construction or remediation.

Successful site clearance processes may need to remove waste from above and below ground and involve removing and disposing of materials that can’t be reused or recycled. It often requires planning and the correct removal and disposal of materials within legal requirements.

DES Holdings is able to handle all of the relevant licenses and permits and ensures that all legalities are met to guarantee the preparation of the land for construction as well as keeping staff and engineers safe. For more information, see our blog on everything you need to know about site clearance here.

What waste can we remove from your site?

Demolition waste


DES Holdings offers demolition waste removal both prior to and following the demolition process. Prior to demolition, some materials can be removed to be reused or recycled and even bricks and rubble can be crushed down to create hardcore for the next construction. We endeavour to separate waste streams to ensure minimal amounts end up in landfill.

Vegetation and green waste


At times to fully clear a site prior to construction it is necessary to remove greenery such as shrubs, hedges, trees as well as topsoil. DES Holdings is able to manage all vegetation and green waste removals including all the licenses and permits necessary to dispose of materials that can’t be reused. DES Holdings is also experienced in landscaping green spaces post-construction and demolition procedures.

Asbestos-containing materials


DES Holdings is also an expert in the removal of asbestos-containing materials. With years in the industry and a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers, no project that requires asbestos removal is beyond the reach of our team. Our team will take care of the whole project, keeping everyone on site safe and safely and legally removing and disposing of the asbestos-containing materials.

Surface soils


Sometimes surface soils must be cleared from a site to allow for new construction and foundations. The soil can be reused for landscaping or other purposes, but the soil may need to be tested to check for contaminants and treated if being used again or disposed of safely if not. DES Holdings is experienced in all processes connected to the removal and treatment of surface soils and can handle all the details for your peace of mind.

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What is site clearance?

Site clearance is the process of preparing a piece of land or property for construction, development or other use. The primary goal of site clearance is to remove any obstacles or impediments that may hinder the progress of the construction or development project, which may mean debris, existing structures, vegetation or any materials that are on the site.

How long does site clearance take?

Site clearance processes will vary widely in the amount of time taken depending on the size and complexity of the site, the nature of the site clearance activities and any environmental or regulatory requirements that must be met. Smaller sites with relatively simple requirements may only take a few days or weeks, whereas larger, more complex sites could take weeks or even months to complete. Consulting a professional site clearance contractor, such as DES Holdings, will enable you to have a more accurate estimate of the time that your building site clearance will take.

Does site clearance need planning permission?

Generally, site clearance doesn’t require planning permission as it is considered a preliminary step to construction or post-demolition. Our friendly and expert team is able to advise you on all legal matters regarding your demolition project.

Site clearance may or may not need planning permission, and you should always ask your local planning authority for advice.

Can you remove asbestos-containing materials during site clearance?

Whenever asbestos-containing materials are discovered, they should be removed. Ideally, any asbestos-containing materials should be removed prior to any building site clearance activities as asbestos fibres can become airborne when disturbed, causing a serious health risk to anyone in the vicinity. A thorough asbestos survey needs to be conducted prior to any site clearance activities to identify and remove safely any dangerous materials, so the site clearance process is safer for workers.

What's the difference between demolition and site clearance?

Demolition and site clearance are related activities, but both serve different purposes. Demolition refers specifically to the process of tearing down an existing building or structure, whereas site clearance is a broader term that refers to the process of preparing a piece of land for construction, development or other use. Site clearance may involve the demolition of existing structures, but it can also involve other activities such as removing vegetation, clearing debris, excavating soil and preparing the site for construction.

Demolition and site clearance services from DES Holdings

If you have a demolition and site clearance task in hand, then DES Holdings offers the service you are looking for.

Not only can DES Holdings offer site waste clearance as a single service, but we are also able to provide a complete, quality turnkey service from start to finish. Starting with the initial site visit and complete demolition, with strip out for reusing any materials that can be recycled or reused, to complete site clearance, we can take care of the entire process.

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Drawing upon extensive knowledge and experience to handle demolitionstrip outsite clearance and land remediation projects.

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We are fully licensed and accredited, providing asbestos surveys and removal services.

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Trusted site clearance contractors for the UK

Whatever your demolition or site clearance needs, DES Holdings is an experienced professional contractor with over 40 years of experience in the field – giving you confidence that your project is in the safest of hands. Being situated conveniently in the Midlands, DES Holdings is able to provide any demolition or site clearance service to any customer based anywhere in the UK.

We are a site clearance contractor that cares greatly about the environment. We take the utmost care to ensure that all our services are undertaken to minimise our environmental impact and ensure that as little material as possible ends up in landfill.