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What is soft strip demolition?

Soft strip demolition is the process of removing non-structural features from the inside or outside of a building. This is performed to facilitate general demolition, refurbishing, or remodelling of properties. Our expert team will remove fittings and fixtures, internal ceilings, internal walls, equipment, electrical fittings, and temporary structures safely and to your specifications.

Soft strip demolition differs from general demolition as it is the process performed before the demolition of a building, removing the temporary structures in place and only leaving the frame of a building. General demolition will involve the use of specialist equipment such as bulldozers and controlled explosives, in order to safely demolish buildings in their entirety.

DES will conduct a survey of your site to ensure the removal of these fixtures can be carried out efficiently and following proper health and safety precautions. Once the survey is complete, we will begin soft stripping your property whether it is residential, commercial, or industrial.

Soft strip demolition services for commercial and industrial properties

Whether you want a soft strip of your commercial or industrial property, DES will enthusiastically work with large-scale soft strip projects.

We have over 30 years of soft strip demolition experience and are more than capable of catering to your every need. We provide cost-effective, competitive, and professional soft strip demolition with a highly skilled team who possesses a vast wealth of knowledge on how to effectively perform a safe soft strip demolition service, as well as general demolition.

Our team will work to your budget and will perform their jobs effectively to meet deadlines set by clients. DES are also experts at removing and disposing of all temporary fixtures and material waste that comes with soft strip demolition. We will remove waste and dispose of it legally or create reusable materials from crushed hardcore and other waste.

We can remove asbestos as part of your soft strip

Our team can offer our expertise and services in removing asbestos from buildings safely and as part of our soft strip demolition service. We are licensed asbestos removal contractors who are more than comfortable handling and controlling the removal of asbestos during a soft strip, while carefully containing the fibres of asbestos to not endanger the health of the public.

DES can also offer isolated asbestos removal services from residential, commercial, and industrial properties and safely dispose of any hazardous material. We will survey all manner of properties and test samples for asbestos to analyse the correct procedures for removing it.

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What is soft strip demolition?

Soft strip demolition is the process of removing non-structural features from the interior or exterior of a building to make way for demolition or refurbishment.

What's the difference between soft strip and general demolition?

General demolition involves the destruction of a building via controlled methods including explosives and specialist equipment, whereas soft strip demolition keeps the frame of the building intact, only removing interior or exterior fixtures. Learn more about the differences here.

Do you provide soft strip demolition services across the UK?

Our headquarters are based in Redditch in the West Midlands, and we are more than capable of providing soft strip demolition services nationwide.

Do you provide site clearance when done?

DES will effectively remove all waste when soft stripping your project and will reuse certain materials if safe to do so.

There is asbestos in my property – can you still provide soft strip demolition services?

DES are a specialist licensed asbestos removal contractor. We can provide asbestos soft strip services as well as isolated asbestos removal from a range of buildings and properties.

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Licensed soft strip demolition contractors for the UK

Working with DES guarantees an efficient, cost-effective, legal, and most importantly safe service when looking for a soft strip demolition.

We have over 30 years of experience working on projects that require soft strip and asbestos soft strip demolition and understand the importance of following the strict guidelines and laws governing how to safely perform a soft strip.

Incorrectly done, a soft strip demolition can be extremely dangerous, which is why we are certified with accreditations.

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