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What are general demolition services?

General demolition services can be broken down into multiple professional services that are carried out by building demolition contractors. Services are performed with specialist equipment ranging from bulldozers to controlled explosives, following legislation and practices. Our team at DES can perform these duties including soft strips, slab and foundation removals, contract crushing and screening, remote demolition, site clearance, and creating reusable materials from waste.

Our specialists will also perform building and structural surveys to assess the types of materials used in their construction, the condition of underlying problems such as water pollution and erosion, surrounding traffic conditions, the building’s condition, and the impact building demolition will have on the local community and citizens which are in proximity.

DES has carried out surveys for general demolition for over 30 years and has a wide knowledge of what needs to be done when surveying and carrying out controlled demolition services.

Demolition services for commercial and industrial properties

Here at DES, we pride ourselves on providing professional, competitive, and cost-effective solutions with over 30 years of experience in the demolition industry.

As demolition contractors We hold a well-earned reputation for high-quality work, having focused on large-scale demolition in commercial and industrial properties nationwide. Our staff will adhere to your budget while working efficiently to complete tasks within the timeframes given by clients. Our reputable work ethic means we create long-lasting and trusting relationships with clients and are committed to equal opportunities offering the best commercial demolition services.

With our head office located in the West Midlands, we are confident in being able to provide a fast response to all areas of the country and nationwide to meet clients’ requirements, on whatever commercial or industrial demolition tasks need completing.

Site clearance and waste removal after demolition

Site clearance and waste removal are just as important as the building demolition process. DES offers a full service of waste removal and site clearance after the commercial demolition is complete. Our team of experts ensures waste is removed from sites safely.

We employ environmentally friendly practices such as recycling waste and separating waste streams to ensure as little material as possible ends up in a landfill. DES also provides isolated site clearance services if you need your waste removed.

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Ask an expert

What are demolition services?

Demolition services are the process of professional contractors breaking down or dismantling a building using controlled demolition practices.

Do you provide general demolition services across the UK?

With DES’s headquarters located centrally in the West Midlands, we can provide general demolition services nationwide reaching your location easily.

How do demolition contractors deal with waste?

DES removes site waste after the general demolition is complete. We also offer isolated site clearance to suit clients’ needs.

What other demolition services do you provide?

On top of providing general demolition, DES offers a wide range of demolition services including – land remediation, site clearance, strip out, soft strip out, and asbestos removal.

Do you need planning permission for general demolition?

You should always ask your local planning authority to advise you if you need planning permission for demolition work. You must fill out an application for full planning permission to demolish any building that has been deemed unsafe or uninhabitable. Visit Our friendly experts are also able to advise you on all legal matters relating to your demolition project.

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Drawing upon extensive knowledge and experience to handle demolitionstrip outsite clearance or land remediation projects.

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We are fully licensed and accredited, providing asbestos surveys & removal services.

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Working across a wide range of construction disciplines in both public and private sectors to provide cost effective building solutions.

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Our accrued knowledge and skillset in all fields of the construction industry has allowed us to evolve and grow organically into the development sector.

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Trusted general demolition contractors for the UK

DES holds an outstanding reputation with clients as being the best at providing demolition and removal services across the UK. We draw upon extensive knowledge and experience to handle controlled demolition services to suit your needs and requirements.

We are commercial demolition contractors who will provide safe, effective, and cost-effective measures on commercial and industrial projects. DES can offer peace of mind and confidence when carrying out our demolition services from start to finish – providing a full turnkey solution for any project.

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