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Experienced Demolition Contractors for Sheffield 

With over three decades of experience in the demolition industry, DES Holdings can provide turnkey demolition services for your business in Sheffield and the surrounding areas.

We are an experienced and licensed demolition contractor made up of a dedicated team who are happy to carry out demolition solutions in commercial, residential, and industrial areas, meeting legislation and abiding by health and safety standards. We specialise in creating long-lasting client relationships and hold an extensive list of recognised accreditations, giving you an assurance that your demolition project is in reliable and capable hands.

DES Holdings is proud to provide bespoke demolition services in Sheffield and the surrounding regions and work side by side with you to meet your specific budget and business requirements. If you are in need of commercial, industrial or residential demolition services, DES Holdings is more than happy to provide solutions including controlled demolition, land remediation, soft strip outs, site clearance, and, if necessary, remote demolition.

Our Demolition Services in Sheffield

General Demolition and Soft Strips

Before general demolition services take place, DES Holdings can provide soft strip demolition which involves the removal of all non-structural fixtures from the exterior and interior of a building. These structures could include doors, windows, ceilings, and other fittings that aren’t part of the building’s foundations or structure.

Land Remediation

Our team is adept at performing land remediation which is the process of creating a ‘fit for purpose’ state of a site or restoring an area to its original state. Pollutants and contaminants are removed using appropriate methods in a safe manner creating an environmentally safe area.

Site Clearance

Here at DES Holdings, we provide site clearance as a means of removing accumulated waste to ensure your site is free from hazards and mess after demolition has taken place. Along with excess debris, we will remove waste including trees, vegetation, topsoil, and tarmacadam, which is one of the materials we recycle.

Strip Outs

Also known as a ‘hard strip’ demolition, a strip out demolition is performed to create room for new installations, refurbishing sites, or to create a safe space for complete demolition. DES Holdings will remove fittings and fixtures such as partitions, staircases, walls, ceilings, concrete floors, and mezzanines or any structural elements on the inside or outside of a building.

Quality demolition services for commercial and residential areas in Sheffield

DES Holdings have worked regularly across both the public and private sectors in Sheffield providing a wide variety of demolition services.

The bespoke services we provide which include site clearance, land remediation, soft strip and controlled demolition can be applied to many businesses and properties that are commercial, industrial, and residential. We work hard to help you through every step of the demolition process – starting with a site survey to assess what the best demolition service would be best for your site, all the way through to site clearance leaving your site waste free.

If you have a demolition project for your residential, commercial, or industrial property, trust DES Holdings as one of the best demolition contractors in Sheffield to help you with every crucial step.

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Ask an Expert

What Sheffield areas do you cover?

DES Holdings offers demolition solutions all throughout Sheffield and surrounding areas including Burngreave, Wadsley Bridge, Chapeltown, Meersbrook, Hallam Head, and Dore.

Do you demolish commercial and residential buildings?

We provide comprehensive demolition services for commercial and residential buildings whether that be, but not limited to, general demolition, land remediation, soft strip, or site clearance.

Do you offer site clearance after demolition in Sheffield?

One of our demolition solutions is site clearance after general demolition has been completed. We provide environmentally friendly solutions including separating waste streams as well as the on-site crushing of waste materials leaving your site free of any by-products of general demolition.

What is a demolition contractor?

A demolition contractor is a professional who is an expert in demolishing and deconstructing buildings, properties, and structures. A demolition contractor may also perform site clearance and DES Holdings are a trusted demolition contractor with over 30 years of experience.

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Drawing upon extensive knowledge and experience to handle demolitionstrip outsite clearance or land remediation projects.

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We are fully licensed and accredited, providing asbestos surveys & removal services.

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Working across a wide range of construction disciplines in both public and private sectors to provide cost effective building solutions.

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Our accrued knowledge and skillset in all fields of the construction industry has allowed us to evolve and grow organically into the development sector.

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DES Holdings – Fully Accredited Demolition Contractors

For expert demolition contractors in the Sheffield area, look no further than DES Holdings. We have over 30 years of experience handling demolition practices following health and safety standards and regulations to the highest degree.

We are proud to have built up an extensive list of clients who are highly satisfied with the services we provide. On top of our long-lasting client relationships, we have a range of respected accreditations including SMAS, CHAS, NDTG, and Worksafe – and many more – so you can have great confidence that we will perform our demolition solutions with great effectiveness – working beside your business needs and meeting your budget and targets.

No matter your industry, or property type, DES Holdings can provide individual or full-service demolition in Sheffield from controlled and remote demolition, strip outs, soft strip outs, and land remediation to site clearance.