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DES Holdings is the contractor to trust for your demolition requirements in Nottingham and the surrounding areas.

As an expert and professional demolition contractor with over 30 years of experience in the industry, we have a long and impressive list of satisfied clients and many respected accreditations showing our expertise in handling all sectors, from commercial and industrial to residential. We offer a full, extensive list of demolition services, from controlled demolition, build, development and asbestos management to land remediation and site clearance.

DES Holdings is able to handle all of your Nottingham company’s demolition needs, no matter how large or small the project is. Furthermore, as a specialised team, conversant with all demolition legislation, we are confident that we are the expert demolition contractors to hire for your commercial, industrial or residential demolition requirements.

Our Demolition Services for the Nottingham Area

General Demolition and Soft Strips

Soft strips are just one of the general demolition services provided by DES Holdings in Nottingham. A soft strip entails removing all the non-structural features from the inside and outside of a building. Essentially, we will remove any doors, windows, ceilings and structures that aren’t integral to the property. This prepares the structure for total demolition or for renovation purposes.

Land Remediation

Land remediation is the process of cleaning up and reclaiming land that has been contaminated in some way, so that the toxins are no longer a threat to surrounding ecosystems, the environment or human health. Meeting the legislation of a land remediation project necessitates the collaboration of many professionals working together.

Site Clearance

As part of preparing an area for demolition or a building project, site clearance is the process of removing all debris and waste to guarantee that an area is free of harmful or hazardous items, as well as any large obstacles, barriers or any type of mess before any further demolition or construction work can take place.

Strip Outs

Sometimes referred to as a ‘hard strip’, a strip out service differs from a soft strip. A strip out service removes all structural parts from inside or outside of the property, whereas a soft strip removes only non-structural elements. A strip out could imply removing floors, ceilings, stairways, partitions and sections of walls ready for a new installation, layout change or total demolition.

Expert Demolition Services for Commercial and Residential Areas in Nottingham

DES Holdings has vast expertise working in both the public and private sectors in Nottingham and the surrounding areas. To maximise efficiency while complying with all standards and satisfying all health and safety requirements, our work is intelligently tailored to each unique, individual project.

Our skilled, professional team of engineers manages our strip out, site clearance and demolition services, and we ensure that all waste is processed and carefully removed from the site to reduce environmental impact. DES Holdings is skilled in controlled and remote demolition where necessary. Regardless of the scale or demands of your project, whether commercial, industrial or residential demolition, DES Holdings is convinced that we can assist you from initial inspection through to the moment when the last engineer steps off your site.

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Ask an Expert

Which Nottingham areas do you cover?

Other than the city of Nottingham itself, DES Holdings covers all the surrounding areas, from Ilkeston, Hucknall, Keyworth and Long Eaton to Castle Donington and Derby.

Do you demolish commercial and residential buildings?

Yes, DES Holdings has years of experience providing every type of demolition service for the commercial, industrial and residential sectors, ranging from individual demolition services to comprehensive demolition, site clearance and land remediation services.

Do you offer site clearance after demolition in Manchester?

Yes, DES Holdings can provide post-demolition site clearance for any commercial, industrial or residential project, in the city of Nottingham or any of its surrounding areas.

What is a demolition contractor?

A demolition contractor is a specialist engineer who plans and executes demolition operations that entail the deconstruction and removal of buildings or other physical structures. Demolition contractors often collaborate with architects, environmental specialists and other professionals to plan and execute a structure’s safe and efficient demolition while minimising the impact on the surrounding environment and community. They also ensure proper waste removal and abide by all current demolition laws and regulations to ensure compliance. Some demolition contractors salvage and recycle materials from demolished buildings and are often responsible for both site preparation and clean-up after demolition is completed.

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Drawing upon extensive knowledge and experience to handle demolitionstrip outsite clearance or land remediation projects.

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We are fully licensed and accredited, providing asbestos surveys & removal services.

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Working across a wide range of construction disciplines in both public and private sectors to provide cost effective building solutions.

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Our accrued knowledge and skillset in all fields of the construction industry has allowed us to evolve and grow organically into the development sector.

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DES Holdings – Fully Accredited Demolition Contractors

With its company headquarters conveniently located in the Midlands, DES Holdings is strategically positioned to access any project in Nottingham and its surrounding areas. With a long list of satisfied clients, we are convinced that we can handle any demolition project challenge.

Our experienced and highly qualified crew holds a long list of accreditations, providing us with a competitive advantage in the demolition sector. We recognise that your clients want to know that they are working with safe and regulated contractors, so we strive to meet all health and safety regulations while still working efficiently. Depending on the requirements of your project, we provide a range of services from soft strip or asbestos encapsulation to complete site clearance and land remediation. No project falls outside the scope or expertise of our team at DES Holdings.