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For a trusted, reliable and professional demolition contractor in Leicester, DES Holdings can provide everything you need in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. We possess a team of elite demolition specialists who have been performing demolition services for over 30 years in Leicester and the surrounding area, including controlled demolition, soft strip demolition, site clearance and asbestos removal and management – we are the UK’s most reliable contractors for your demolition needs.

You can trust us to carry out all demolition tasks safely and professionally as we hold many accreditations including Alcumus, SSIP, CHAS and SMAS Worksafe, as well as many more. We will work alongside you to meet all your requirements for both single and full services and begin your demolition journey with a free consultation, then assess your site with a survey to understand the best demolition methods to proceed with.

Our Demolition Services Across Leicester

General Demolition and Soft Strips

We perform general demolition services in Leicester and the surrounding areas, with one of our services being soft strip demolition. This is the process of removing all non-structural applications from a building’s interior and exterior before the renovation, or controlled demolition of the building, takes place. The elements that can be removed can include, windows, doors, discontinued electrical applications and other features that aren’t essential to the main structure of the building.

Land Remediation

For land remediation, we will begin with a preliminary investigation of your site to identify what contaminants need removing. These contaminants will need to be removed if they are posing a risk to your land and the environment. DES Holdings will remove elements such as Japanese knotweed, solvents, paints, oils, pesticides and other harmful compounds in addition to performing soil stabilisation, bioremediation and vegetation clearance. We work hard to assure all clients that their sites will be left in perfect condition for further work.

Site Clearance

With demolition comes waste. DES Holdings are experts at site clearance which is the process of removing all waste from your site safely, whilst also reducing the impact on the environment. We do this by separating waste streams and reusing wasted materials such as debris and concrete for other construction purposes. We remove excess debris, vegetation and other hazardous materials from your site and dispose of these materials safely and legally.

Strip Outs

Our team can perform a strip out service in Leicester for your property which entails removing structural elements, including – load-bearing walls and floors, decommissioned mechanical and electrical equipment, as well as stairways and lifts. Compared to a soft strip service, a strip out is the removal of more complex structural elements to help with the process of other demolition services. We can perform this for residential and commercial buildings.

Expert Demolition Services for Commercial and Residential Areas in Leicester 

DES Holdings offer full demolition services in Leicester and the surrounding area for both public and private sectors. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge to expertly proceed with any form of demolition service and always strive to meet clients’ budgets and requirements. Indeed, we are proud to offer residential demolition solutions to help with renovations and future construction, as well as performing demolition on a larger scale for commercial industries, such as retail centres and factories.

No matter the scale of the project, we adhere to all health and safety laws and regulations and consider the impact on the environment and surrounding areas. We ensure this by recycling as much material waste as we possibly can by separating waste streams, warranting as little waste as possible ends up in a landfill. There is no better demolition contractor in Leicester that will get the job done as expertly as us.

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Ask an Expert

Which Southampton areas do you cover?

In addition to performing demolition services in the city of Leicester, DES Holdings can also work in the surrounding areas, including – Glenfield, Enderby, Barkby, Markfield, Countesthorpe and more.

Do you demolish commercial and residential buildings?

DES Holdings are experts at demolishing both commercial buildings, such as retail parks and factories, and residential properties, such as houses and apartment blocks. All our demolition services can be provided for any type of buildings.

Do you offer site clearance after demolition

Site clearance is an important part of the demolition process, and DES Holdings can provide site clearance after demolition has taken place as both a full and individual service. We will remove excess debris, vegetation and hazardous materials, including asbestos-containing materials.

What is a demolition contractor?

A demolition contractor is a professional who is qualified to demolish buildings and other structures successfully and safely.  A demolition contractor must also carry a license to perform site inspections and evaluations, in addition to being expertly knowledgeable in selecting the appropriate demolition method and removing site waste.

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Drawing upon extensive knowledge and experience to handle demolitionstrip outsite clearance or land remediation projects.

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We are fully licensed and accredited, providing asbestos surveys & removal services.

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Working across a wide range of construction disciplines in both public and private sectors to provide cost effective building solutions.

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Our accrued knowledge and skillset in all fields of the construction industry has allowed us to evolve and grow organically into the development sector.

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DES Holdings – Fully Accredited Demolition Contractors

DES Holdings’ headquarters is in the heart of the West Midlands and can guarantee our team of experienced professionals will travel to your site in Leicester with efficiency to meet your every demand. We understand every client’s requirement will be different – we will work closely with you to understand the best demolition service you need – from the initial consultation and planning stages, all the way through to demolition and site clearance. You can trust our dedicated team to manage your demolition requirements with the utmost professionalism and expertise, whilst always following safety standards. Our extensive list of accreditations proves we are the number-one demolition contractor in Leicester, providing speedy services no matter the size, location and solution.

Get in touch with DES Holdings today, to discuss a wide variety of demolition services in Leicester and the surrounding regions. Our friendly team is on hand to help with all queries.