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With over 30 years of expertise in the commercial, industrial and residential demolition sector, DES Holdings is a qualified and accredited demolition services contractor in Essex. You can be confident that your project is in good hands because of our extensive experience in all demolition, asbestos treatment and building and development services. You can rest assured that your project will be handled expertly thanks to our long list of happy clients and our extensive catalogue of recognised accreditations.

DES is pleased to provide thorough demolition services in Essex and throughout the area. Regardless of your industry and the business you’re involved in, we are the demolition contractors to use as we are specialists in all aspects of demolition legislation. Whether you require soft strip, controlled demolition, site clearance or land remediation, we are happy to support you from the initial consultation through to the completion of the project.

Our Demolition Services Across Essex

General Demolition and Soft Strips

Soft strips are one of the many fundamental demolition services that DES Holdings offers in the county of Essex. A soft strip is the removal of all non-structural components from within and the outside of a building or structure. It entails removing any elements of the building that aren’t essential for the structural integrity, such as windows, doors, ceilings and more. The property will then be ready for either full demolition or renovation projects to take place.

Land Remediation

This is the process of reclaiming land that has been polluted by toxins to return it to a natural habitat or prepare the way for further, safe construction. It requires the collaboration of many specialists and experts in the relevant legislation. It will ensure that the land is no longer a hazard to ecosystems, the environment or human health.

Site Clearance

Site clearance entails the removal of all hazardous materials from a worksite with the end goal being a safe environment prior to the complete demolition of the structure, or for the construction of new buildings or structures. It will mean the disposal of large obstacles, barriers, debris and also recyclable materials.

Strip Outs

Strip out or ‘hard strip’ means removing structures and fixtures that are more integral to the building, such as sections of walls, ceilings, stairwells and floors or more temporary fixtures such as partitions and mezzanines with the goal being making way for a new installation, renovation or complete demolition.

Expert Demolition Services for Commercial and Residential Areas in Essex

DES has a plethora of knowledge in Essex’s public and private sectors.

Working rigorously to design each task for every specific project to maximise efficiency while adhering to all regulations and fulfilling health and safety standards. Our accredited team of expert engineers oversee all of our strip out, site clearance and other demolition services. We always take care to properly remove all rubbish and debris from the site to minimise environmental damage.

We can perform remote demolition if necessary because we have experience in every form of demolition within Essex and throughout the country. Regardless of the size or demands of your project, whether commercial, industrial or residential demolition, we are confident that we can support your project from the initial site inspection until the moment the last engineer steps off your site.

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Ask an Expert

Which Essex areas do you cover?

We cover the whole of the county of Essex, from Harlow through Chelmsford to Colchester and Clacton-on-Sea and from Saffron Walden and Braintree to Basildon – no area in the county of Essex is beyond our reach.

Do you demolish commercial and residential buildings?

Yes, with over 30 years of experience in the industry of demolition services, DES Holdings can offer every form of demolition for industrial, commercial and residential properties, from single demolition services to full demolition, site clearance and land remediation.

Do you offer post-demolition site clearance in Essex?

Yes, we certainly offer post-demolition site clearance after any project in Essex, regardless of the size or whether it is a commercial, residential or industrial project.

What is a demolition contractor?

A professional engineer who organises and manages demolition services, from soft strip and strip out to the total demolition of buildings, site clearance and land remediation, is known as a demolition contractor. Demolition contractors collaborate closely with the relevant experts, including architects, and environmental specialists amongst others, to plan and execute a structure’s safe and efficient removal whilst minimising the influence on the surrounding environment and communities. Demolition contractors are usually also in charge of both site preparation and clean-up after demolition has taken place to guarantee the removal of debris and salvage, or even recycling, of materials to leave the area ready for new construction or renovation.

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Drawing upon extensive knowledge and experience to handle demolitionstrip outsite clearance or land remediation projects.

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We are fully licensed and accredited, providing asbestos surveys & removal services.

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Working across a wide range of construction disciplines in both public and private sectors to provide cost effective building solutions.

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Our accrued knowledge and skillset in all fields of the construction industry has allowed us to evolve and grow organically into the development sector.

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DES Holdings – Fully Accredited Demolition Contractors for Essex

Our company’s headquarters is conveniently located in the Midlands giving us an advantageous position to be able to easily reach any project across the country, including Essex. We are confident that we can handle any obstacle or issue that your demolition project might encounter, as evidenced by our long list of satisfied clients. We have a competitive advantage in the demolition industry thanks to the vast number of accreditations held by our experienced and highly skilled workforce.

We understand that our customers want to know that they are working with safe and regulated contractors, which is why we abide by all health and safety regulations. We offer a variety of demolition services that are uniquely combined in accordance with the demands of your specific needs, from soft strip or asbestos encapsulation to full site clearance and removal and land remediation.

We handle all aspects of the project’s requirements from start to finish – giving you total peace of mind that the project will be completed to the highest professional standards.