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Here at DES Holdings, we are an established team with over 30 years’ experience in development, asbestos, demolition, and build. We deliver professional and cost-effective solutions to your projects.

We take pride on ourselves to meet your requirements to the highest of standards. We are our multi-disciplinary team provide that provide full turnkey service with our demolition, asbestos, build and development services.

We provide full nationwide coverage and can travel to all areas of the country to make sure your home or building is safe from asbestos. We are located in the in the West Midlands, just outside Birmingham’s City centre.


At DES, we’re proud to establish and maintain long-lasting, cliental relationships. We provide the best practice, equal opportunities, and responsible contracting to support and maintain our reputation as leaders in our field.

We are fully licensed and accredited by a selection of organisations, including CHAS and SMAS Worksafe, with over 30 years of industry knowledge and experience. Furthermore, we are committed to following the strict guidelines of The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (HSE) to complete both licensed and unlicensed works within the public, private, and domestic sectors.


Asbestos artex removal

What is Asbestos and why do we remove it?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibre that has been widely used in construction and other industries until the late 1990s.

Our team are fully licensed, accredited and experienced to manage, encapsulating, or remove and disposing of all types of asbestos-containing materials. We provide survey and testing, as well as professional and safe removal.

Our process:

  • Survey and Testing
  • Removal
  • Management & encapsulation
  • Disposal
  • Remediation of asbestos-contaminated land
  • Blast and breathe method available


Asbestos Removal Services in Wakefield

High quality removal and disposal of all types of asbestos

Three main types of asbestos can be found in the UK.

  • Blue (crocidolite
  • White (chrysotile)
  • Brown (amosite)


Asbestos is responsible for over 5000 deaths each year and has been shown to cause many health issues such as lung disease, lung cancer, Mesothelioma and other illnesses when exposed to high amounts of asbestos repeatedly. For this reason, asbestos will need to be removed immediately as symptoms of asbestos-related illnesses will not show up straight away but after many years.


The DES team can perform the entire asbestos removal process, including survey, testing, encapsulation, safe removal, and disposal.

Encapsulation is the process of applying a protective layer onto the asbestos-containing material (ACM), providing protection from ACM damage.

Here at des we are fully licensed and registered to correctly dispose asbestos safely and effectively. Once the asbestos is removed it will be wrapped or double bagged and will either be placed into an enclosed asbestos skip, and directly transported to a licenced landfill. For smaller volumes of waste, the asbestos bags will be placed into our vehicles segregated waste box and transported to an asbestos waste transfer station for disposal.

Incorrect disposal of asbestos is illegal and will result in a fine or possible prison sentence.

Professional Asbestos Removal. Men In Protective Suits Are Removing Asbestos

Asbestos Removal Services in Wakefield

At DES we have over 30 years of industry experience and specialist knowledge, as well as multiple licences and accreditations in our field. Our expert team of skilled, multi-disciplinary craftsmen pride themselves on their reputation, skills, and workmanship in demolition, asbestos, building, and development.

All our services are available across Wakefield and beyond. If you’re in Wakefield and seeking asbestos removal, encapsulation, or specialist advice, contact us today for a quote or further information.

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